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Making a good impression on interview is very important!  Your CV has obviously made a good impression if you have made it to the interview stage but bear in mind that meeting in person leaves a much stronger impression than a CV!

Below are some guidelines on Do’s and Don’ts in an interview situation:

  • Make sure that you are always on time for your interview.  Whether you are relying on public transport or driving yourself, make sure you know which route you need to take and try to arrive ten minutes in advance.
  • If you are running late for your appointment, make sure that you notify the person waiting to interview you – it is polite and they may be on a tight schedule.
  • Always turn your cell phone off or set it to silent while you are in your interview.
  • Shake hands with the person interviewing you.
  • Be friendly but professional at the same time.
  • Listen carefully to any questions that are asked in the interview, don’t be afraid to ask for clarity if you don’t understand the question.
  • Prepare a short overview on yourself and your interests.
  • Answer all questions clearly and to the best of your ability.  Try not to give Yes/No answers but also try not to be too long winded in your answers.
  • Show interest in the position by asking questions, make sure you are prepared
  • Try to get some background on the company before your interview, for example go onto their website and research the products that they manufacture.
  • Neatness in appearance e.g. shoes polished, dress appropriately
  • Be careful not to be negative about your current/previous company and be honest about the experience you have

The following web-sites have some very helpful advice:

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