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Recruitment Services Profile

Established in 1983 the company was founded by a Chemist - the rationale being who better to find the right person for the right laboratory position? Over the last 25 years we have implemented systems to enable us to provide the same high degree of service to other positions. Our resources are not only our recruitment and administrative staff but our interactive web site and database system.

We have standing ads in most journals which the various industries subscribe to - providing our clients with the best candidates available. The department strives to meet its commitment to pursue excellence in its service.

ANN COURTNEY - The Recruitment Department is managed by Ann Courtney. Ann has been with the company since 1994.  She has a phenomenal memory and remembers most of her clients’ telephone numbers.  Her memory is not the only asset she brings to the company, she is honest, ethical, methodical and sincere.  Her Christian beliefs ensure that she gives of her best to her clients and her job applicants.

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